So, uh, Valve let me get away with Ẓ̹͚͖́̓̄͑̿ͪa̯ͪ͗̒͠l̝̰̲̋̅̊͜g̨͈̩̖̱͈̞̳ͩ̒͑ͯͬ̐o̷͇̠̲͕̬̹ͣͤ̾̀̌͑ͅ text on the Yawhg’s Steam page.

Oh, also the Yawhg’s coming out on Steam on the 27th!

The Yawhg just got nominated for the IGF, in the Narrative and Audio categories.
It also got an honourable mention for the Visual and Grand Prize categories!
Oh my Yawhg.

The Yawhg just got nominated for the IGF, in the Narrative and Audio categories.

It also got an honourable mention for the Visual and Grand Prize categories!

Oh my Yawhg.

Game: YouAreABountyHunter


Honestly, I have no idea what I was thinking when I made this, but I really really like it.


Part of the SHARECART1000. Get all the games for a more full experience.

Made at Feb Fatale, in February 2013.

BigSushi.FM Podcast featuring me!

I was interviewed by these guys a month ago and I had a great time! Their site is awesome and you should check it out.

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Guys With Pencils Episode 116 - Damian Sommer’s Games!

This week we chat with Damian Sommer. If you’ve been to a Game Jam in Toronto in the past little while you have probably heard of Mr. Sommer. He has currently finished working on his latest co creation with Emily Carroll titled, The Yawhg! 
Have you ever wondered how someone gets in to the gaming community?  What’s the process one takes to get to know the people who make really cool games?  Have a listen as we chat with Damian’s personal journey as he went from political science student to indie gamer guru.

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The Yawhg at Bit Bazaar


The Yawhg by Emily Carroll and myself, will be for sale at the first-ever Bit Bazaar!

It will be launching at Bit Bazaar, and then it’ll sold be online a few weeks later.

This is super exciting for me, because I’ve never really sold anything before!

The game will be PC only and sold for $5. There will also be buttons at my booth that I’ll be selling for $1 each!

Here are a few more scenes from the game to whet your appetite!




Here’s the website for the game.

You Get Out What You Put In


Last night I attended @IGDAToronto’s panel on edumacation, on whether or not formal schooling is the path to successful game… stuff.  Panelists talked about game art, game development, and game design pretty indiscriminately, but it seemed “design” got the largest focus because it is the least concrete of the three. It was an interesting debate, but it was clearly five different panelists with two or three sets of opinions and two specific agendas. Debate almost devolved into the realm of pure semantics, but that (blessedly) went nowhere; we have all been down that road and I think the panelists knew that would not really help the audience.  I listened through the panel, agreeing and disagreeing, and decided to compose my thoughts here.

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If you’re looking to go to school for games, please read this first.

I attended the Feminist Porn Conference

Note: This article has no naughty pictures, but describes some NSFW things and has some NSWF links. Be warned.

When I attended/exhibited at the Vector Game + Art Festival, the bend it took in the appreciation, critique, and questioning of games, art, and their convergence felt like a completely new, challenging, and wonderful experience. It opened my eyes to a lot of things I’d never considered, while remaining completely within my bubble of game development. It left me wanting to see and learn more, and to emerge from the bubble in which I was encased.