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Game: XYQ4


A 2-player abstract board game generator. The pieces are given random movesets when the game starts, and part of the game is figuring out how everything works while making your moves. First to destroy most of your opponent’s pieces wins.


For first-time players, or just a quick game, play on the small board.

For a game that feels somewhat like chess, except you have no idea how anything works, play the medium board.

The large board is far too large.

Made in 72 hours for TOJam 9.

Game: YouAreABountyHunter


Honestly, I have no idea what I was thinking when I made this, but I really really like it.


Part of the SHARECART1000. Get all the games for a more full experience.

Made at Feb Fatale, in February 2013.

Game: The Vermin Throne


I made this game for Global Game Jam 2013.

The Vermin Throne is an experimental multiplayer story game for 4 to 10 players, playable in almost any web browser (on phones too!). You play as a rat, trying to kill or shame all your siblings so that you can claim the throne for yourself.

Play it here

I realize it’s kind of hard to set this game up to play, as it requires a lot of technology and people. I have written up a sample of what a playthrough of this game could look like here.

If you’re curious about the system behind the hood of this game, click here.

I made this game using Twine in 48 hours, without sleep.

There is a bug where if you use your browser’s back or refresh buttons, your name will change. Try to avoid using either if you want to keep your identity.

The picture was drawn by Mladin Stambolija.


Damian Sommer’s The Vermin Throne is an intriguing novelty. Multiplayer experimental interactive fiction? Wow.” - PC Gamer

"These digital flirtations with tabletop gaming excite me." - Rock Paper Shotgun

Game(?): Gam Maekr

I made a game making program with a game making program. It’s super simple, but it’s kind of neat to play around with. I made it in about 6 hours.



"It’s incredibly easy to use, and will give you some laughs if you have a pretty good humor." - Destructoid

"A lot of people who have no idea how to interact with Game Maker would be able to approach Gam Maekr" - Indie Impressions

Game: The Yawhg


Get the game here

The Yawhg is a game I made in collaboration with comic artist Emily Carroll. She provided fantastic art and some writing, while I handled all the programming, game design and some of the writing as well.

In the game you play as 1 of 4 citizens of an unnamed fantasy village, living out your lives while the threat of the horrible, mysterious Yawhg slowly approaches. Magical oddities, secret ruins and other weirdness can all be discovered while spending your time in the village, and when the Yawhg comes, what will you do to survive?


Game: Context Insensitive


A neon platformer that gradually gets very confusing. This is definitely my best work to date.

GET IT HERE Version 1.1 (8.6 MB)


"Within the void’s shifting neon arena you’ll find no logic puzzles to mull through. Nor are the levels themselves your conquest. Context Insensitive’s challenge emerges from the self, from your brain’s capacity for parallel thought." - Destructoid Community Blogs

Game: Eye Pilot

Eye Pilot is a game, which unfortunately wont really be able to be hosted online, due to requiring a physical peripheral. The game is controlled entirely with your eye and we built a helmet to hoist a webcam onto which tracks your eye positioning. Where you look is where your glider will end up flying towards. The goal is simply to enjoy the experience and get as far as you can, until you inevitably float to the ground.

Here’s some footage of Eye Pilot in action:

And here’s a little presentation we gave (I don’t really say anything during it, but I look pretty the whole way through):

All of this would not have been possible without Superbrothers (for graphics and most of the design) as well as Drawing with Frames (who handled building the peripheral).

Game: A Game About Game Literacy

This is just a quick design exercise for GPCv9. I wanted to build the player up to being able to play through bite-size metroidvanias.

Play it on Kongregate!

Play it on Newgrounds!

Game: #VillageOfTheGlitch

#VillageOfTheGlitch is an experimental shooter in which you must crash the game by lowering the frame rate by whatever means necessary. About 24 hours of work over the course of 3 days for #GPCv7.


Game: bEing sHot by bUllets is aCtually kInd of nIce

bEing sHot by bUllets is aCtually kInd of nIce is a 2-player versus game in which the loser of the round gets to upgrade their ship with a variety of powerups. First to 5 wins.


If you have controllers, I’d recommend you use them because sharing the keyboard can be weird. You can’t normally use controllers with flash games, but using Joy2Key allows for this to be possible.

Made for GPCv6.