Want to know everything about The Clown Who Wanted Everything?

Art by Alberto Lemus

The Clown Who Wanted Everything is the biggest game I’ve ever made. It’ll have 100+ levels, a fully-functional level editor and so many different powerups, I won’t even know how to use them all (which is why a level editor is awesome).

How it works is that every level, the clown starts off with absolutely no abilities. He can’t even jump! Powerups all over the level will allow the clown to do different things, but all of these abilities are controlled with the same button!

So, let’s say you got the jump powerup and the dash powerup. You’d better be careful where you jump, because you’ll also be dashing at the exact same time! To make things even more interesting, to beat every level, you need to land on the ground after having collected every single powerup!

As you can imagine, it starts to get very interesting very quickly.

Here’s some footage of the level editor in action:

Here’s a little trailer I threw together:

Stay tuned for more information!

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